Seed Funding


In order to promote and strengthen advanced computing on the UH campus,CACDS, the Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems, has established a seed funding program, “Seed Funding for Advanced Computing” (SeFAC), open to full-time researchers and tenured or tenure-track faculty members of any College, Professional School or Research Center of the University. Each grant will support a full-time doctoral student for one calendar year. 

It is expected that, at the end of the funding period, recipients will be in a position to write a research proposal to a funding agency, company or foundation.

While computation has long been a standard research tool in the sciences and engineering disciplines, less traditional users in the social sciences, the humanities etc. are also encouraged to apply.

The evaluation of proposals will be carried out by a panel composed of members external to the University of Houston who do not present conflicts of interest with the submitted proposals.

Program rules

  • The program is open to full-time researchers and tenured or tenure-track faculty members of any College, Professional School or Research Center of the University of Houston.
  • Only proposals which contain a substantial computational component will be considered.
  • It is understood that most of the computations required by the project will be carried out on CACDS resources at no cost to the awardees.
  • Proposals must conform to the format outlined below and must be submitted by the due date specified each year (see sidebar).
  • The scientific staff, director and co-director of CACDS are barred from participation in the program.

All details can be found here.

Letter of intent

In order for the panel of external evaluators to be constituted in a timely manner with members qualified to evaluate the submitted proposals, proposers are asked to submit a letter of intent which includes a provisional title and abstract of the full proposal. The deadline for submission of the letter of intent is January 31st, 2017.

Full Proposal