Facilities Proposal Statement

Following is a statement that researchers can include in their research proposals to describe Facilities, Equipment and other Resources at University of Houston:

The Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems (CACDS) provides cutting-edge high-performance computing and visualization resources to University of Houston researchers. CACDS’s research computing system is: Opuntia, a 1820-core, 7 TB memory cluster equipped with 2 Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors and 4 NVIDIA K40 GPUs, 384 TB NFS storage and 56 Gb Ethernet interconnect.

UH computing resource: Maxwell, a 3712-core cluster with 8 Tesla C2075 GPUs and 22 GTK570 GPUs, 120TB Lustre Filesystem and 127TB storage space with 1 Gb Ethernet interconnect.

CACDS’s VisLab also provides an array of visualization resources, including the Visualization Theater featuring seating for 30 people and a 16’x9′ screen supporting 4K resolutions and both active and passive stereo 3D modes.