Mr. Phu Nguyen

Date & Time:

May 7, 2015 at 1PM


PGH 216

Mr. Phu Nguyen, UH Clear Lake

Title: Characterization of Relativistic MHD Turbulence


Many studies in numerical relativity and high-energy astrophysics depend on the dynamics of relativistic plasmas. These include phenomenon such as primordial turbulence, neutron stars, active galactic nuclei, and accretion disks near black holes. Unfortunately, we do not know if the results of these studies are accurate because of approximations such as the use of non-relativistic fluid dynamics and the lack of a standard model to describe the dynamics of relativistic turbulence. In particular, very little is understood about the turbulent dynamics of a relativistic plasma or its effect on the evolution of magnetic fields. This can only effectively be studied through direct numerical simulation of the relativistic fluid.  The objective of this work is to understand how the characteristics of relativistic MHD turbulence may differ from those of non-relativistic MHD turbulence.  


Phu Nguyen is Adjunct Faculty of the Physics Department at the University of Houston at Clear Lake. He received his BS. in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington, MS. in Space Science and MS. in Physics from University of Houston at Clear Lake.