Dr. Valerie Taylor



Date & Time:


November 12, 2015 at 1:30 PM




PGH 563

Dr Valerie Taylor, Texas A&M




MuMMI:  A Modeling Infrastructure for  Exploring Power and Execution Time Tradeoffs





MuMMI (Multiple Metrics Modeling Infrastructure) is an infrastructure that facilitates the measurement and modeling of performance and power for large-scale parallel applications. MuMMI builds upon three existing tools: Prophesy for performance modeling and prediction of parallel applications, PAPI for hardware performance counter monitoring, and PowerPack for power measurement and profiling. The MuMMI framework develops models of runtime and power based upon performance counters; these models are used to explore tradeoffs and identify methods for improving energy efficiency. In this talk we will describe the MuMMI framework and present examples of the use of MuMMI to improve the energy efficiency of parallel applications.


Dr. Taylor will discuss her research expertise in high performance computing, specifically in the area of MuMMI (Multiple Metrics Modeling Infrastructure). As a successful researcher and administrative leader, Dr. Taylor will also discuss issues and opportunities for women of color in STEM.




Dr Valerie Taylor is Senior Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Regents Professor, Wisenbaker Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University.