National Science Foundation supports infrastructure investments in research universities in networking since the beginnings of the internet. Without an advanced research infrastructure, it is not possible to advance science and create an environment of innovation. Recently, the University of Houston has been awarded a Campus Cyber-infrastructure Network Infrastructure and Engineering program’s “Network Integration and Applied Innovation” grant. Dr. Deniz Gurkan is the PI along with UH-IT Network Planning and Development Manager, Charles Chambers and the Networking Director of Rice University, William Deigaard, as Senior Personnel. The award provided funding to upgrade UH and Rice’s connection to the nationwide Research and Education network, Internet2, to 100 Gbps. In addition, networking research investigations on debugging of flows of interest are funded, equipping network engineers with a capability to listen to interfaces of interest similar to a ‘wireshark’ experience, in a virtualized manner. The investments through this initiative (award and IT) exceeded $500,000 of capital infrastructure in UH and metro Houston area with the University of Houston leading the community to better support large science data transfer needs of researchers. The current status of the deployment, initial research results on network debugging, and some future directions will be presented.


Deniz Gurkan received her Ph.D. in optical fiber networking from the University of Southern California, Electrical Engineering, in 2003. Her BS and MS are also in Electrical Engineering, and both are from Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey. After teaching at the Claremont Graduate University, Applied Math, and California State University, Long Beach, EE, she joined the faculty of Computer Engineering Technology at the University of Houston in 2004. Her research involves software-defined networking application, interoperable data exchange protocols, sensor networks, information technology enterprise integration, and infrastructure development. She has been actively involved in infrastructure development of the NSF project called GENI (Global Environment for Network Innovation), and now, she is an experimenter utilizing GENI as a research and development lab with her industry collaborations. She is the associate editor for the IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, serves in the technical program committee and the steering committee of the IEEE Sensors Applications Symposium since 2010. She is the graduate program director for the Network Communications MS program in the College of Technology. She represents the University of Houston in the Technical Advisory Group of the regional research and education network of Texas, LEARN (among 30+ other Texas institutions). She has been co-chairing the SDN (Software Defined Networking) workgroup of the Internet2 since 2010.