Research Faculty


Amit Amritkar, Ph.D., M.S. – HPC Specialist


Phone: 713-743-7547

Office: MREB 205

Web: Amit Amritkar

Research Areas: Heat Transfer, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Discrete Element Method, Multi-phase flows, Applied Mathematics, Sparse Linear Algebra, Preconditioners, High Performance Computing.

Selected Publications: Link to Google Scholar

Jerry Ebalunode, Ph.D., MBA – Senior Researcher (HPC)


Phone: 713-743-1755

Office: MREB 205

Web: Jerry Ebalunode

Research Areas: Bioinformatics, bionanotechnology, chemoinformatics, computer-aided molecular design, computer vision, high performance computing & visualization, machine learning, molecular dynamics     simulations and structural biology.

Selected Publications: PubMed link to my publicationsGoogle Scholar link to my publications

Martin Huarte-Espinosa, Ph.D., FRAS – HPC Specialist


Phone: 713-743-6337

Office: MREB 205

Web: Martin Huarte-Espinosa

Research Areas: State-of-the-art algorithms to model, analyze and visualize the physics of supersonic magnetized gases. Working on applications to answer topical questions in high energy density laboratory experiments & Astrophysics, found by The National Radio Astronomy Observatory, The Hubble Space Telescope, Pulse Power & Laser Laboratories, and others. Highlights include adaptive-mesh-refinement plasma plasma/fluid dynamics, transformation of magnetic energy into other forms, modeling the physics of plasma radiation to capare with telescope and laboratory radiography observations, energy ejection form galaxies and star into space, stability of strongly magnetized structures, and the formation of disks around stars-relevant for planet formation.

Selected Publications: NASA Astrophysics Data System link


Peggy Lindner, Ph.D. – Research Assistant Professor


Phone: 713.743.4581

Office: MREB 205

Web: Peggy Lindner

Research Areas: Management and Analysis of large scale datasets with specific focus on health and environment, Research Data Sharing, Data Visualization, Digital Huminaties.

Selected Publications: Research Gate


Pablo Guillen Rondon, Ph.D. – Research Assistant Professor


Phone: 713-743-3557

Office: MREB 205

Web: Pablo Guillen Rondon

Research Areas: Applied Mathematics and Computation, Biomedical Engineering,   High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Oil & Gas Reservoir Simulation, Machine Learning and Data Mining Applied to Geophysics and Biomedical Systems, Signals and Images Processing, Visualization

Selected Publications: Link to ResearchGate