CACDS Fellows

The Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems (CACDS) has established a Fellow program in an effort to bring CACDS’ mission and resources to more people in the UH community.  The program is open to graduate students who are interested in doing research using our resources.  These students were chosen from a large group of applications and make up CACDS’ first group of fellows.  The fellows will spend the semester working with the CACDS staff to better understand aspects of HPC and how it aids research being done not just at the University of Houston, but all over the world.


2017 CACDS Fellows:

Name:  Kirstie L. Haynie

Project Title:  The role of oceanic plateau subduction-collision on overriding plate deformation and slab detachment in Alaska

Home Department:  Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Supervisor:  Dr. Margarete A. Jadamec

Online CV: Kirstie L. Haynie

Name:  Xin Yan

Project Title:  Time-scaling in Atomistics and Rate-Dependent Mechanical Behavior of materials

Home Department:  Department of Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor:  Pradeep Sharma


Name:  Shuolin Xiao

Project Title:  Effect of Surface Oil Plumes on Upper-Ocean Light Field

Home Department:  Department of Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor:  Di Yang

Name:  Ankit Bhowmick

Project Title:  Determining pressure drop and minimum fluidization velocity across Gravel Pack completion to confirm its integrity

Home Department:  Petroleum Engineering

Supervisor:  Dr. Christine Ehlig-Economides

Name:  Meng Li

Project Title:  Direct Numerical Simulation of the Ocean Mixed Layer: the Effects of Langmuir Circulation

Home Department:  Department of Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor:  Di Yang

Name:  Leila Saadatifard

Project Title:  Three Dimensional Automated Segmentation of Neural Soma in Large KESM Images of Brain Tissue

Home Department:  ECE

Supervisor:  Dr. David Mayerich

Name:  Xiao Li

Project Title:  Hydrotreating Catalyst and Bio-oil Upgrade

Home Department:  Chemical & Bio molecular Engineering

Supervisor:  Dr. Lars Grabow


Name:  Benjamin Skidmore

Project Title:  A Consensus Method for RNA Secondary Structure Prediction

Home Department:  Department of Biology and Biochemistry

Supervisor:  Dr. James Briggs

Name:  Kaushal J Kadiyala

Project Title:  Influence of Defects on Twin Boundary Breakaway

Home Department:  Department of Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor:  Dr. Yashashree Kulkarni

   Name:  Yang Ning

Project Title:  Pore-scale and Multiscale Modeling o Multiphas Fluid Flow through Heterogeneous Digital Rocks

Home Department:  Chemical Engineering (Petroleum Engineering)

Supervisor: Dr. Guan Qin

Name: Sashank Kasiraju

Project Title: Hydrotreating Caralysis and Bio-oil Upgrade

Home Department: Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Lars C. Grabow

Name: Justin Chang

Project Title: Structure-Preserving High Performance Computational Methods for Transport in Porous Media

Department: Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Kalyana Babu Nakshatrala


Name: Dajla Neffati

Project Title: Characterization of Cobalt using molecular dynamics simulations

Home Department: Department of Mechanical Engineering

Supervisor: Dr. Yashashree Kulkarni

Name: Yanyun Liu

Project Title: Insight into the substrate binding specificity and catalytic efficiency of quorum-quenching acylase

Home Department: Department of Biology and Biochemistry

Supervisor: Dr. James Briggs