Visualization of simulation results in Virtual and Augmented Reality Seminar

ByAndrew Knotts

Visualization of simulation results in Virtual and Augmented Reality Seminar

The Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems will be hosting a seminar that will be given by Dr. Uwe Woessner in PGH 216 from 12-1 p.m. on April 6, 2017.


Virtual environments provide an ideal environment for engineering teams or research groups to analyze and discuss complex simulation results. Not only the 3D vision and surround view but most important the intuitive interaction with the data enable an efficient analysis and communication of simulation results. Collaborative virtual environments provide similar functionality but extend the reach to remote sites and Augmented Reality allows a direct comparison of simulation results with live experiments. All these technologies will be presented by means of examples from engineering, forensics, urban planning and more.

About the Presenter: 

Since 2004, Uwe Woessner is heading the visualization department at the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS).
He received his PhD. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Stuttgart in 2009. Since 1996 he is working in the Collaborative Research Center “Rapid Prototyping” established at the University of Stuttgart in the field of VR based virtual and augmented prototyping. He is guest professor and guest lecturer at the IFOER and ITE, TU-Vienna, Austria and at HSR, Rapperswil, Switzerland. He is also Co-founder of VirCinity GmbH.
He received international Awards such as the 2003 HPC Challenge and 2006 HPC Bandwidth Challenge.
His current research interests include collaborative virtual environments for scientific visualization, Augmented Reality, 3D user interfaces and interaction techniques for computational steering.
He is in the committee of several VR and 3D User Interface related conferences such as IEEE VR, IEEE Vis, EuroVR, GI VRAR.

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